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Foundation training/new hire training: We work with corporates to conduct fresher’s induction programmes. This includes both IT and ITEs industry. For IT, we also conduct technical training programme such as software testing, android training and infra structure management services. We specialize in Communication skills, Professional Skills, Employability Skills and Life Skills for the ITEs. For more details click

Continuing education: Provide opportunities for companies to upgrade the skills of existing employees in certain areas. This is based on company specifics. “We also provide certification courses in area of smart trainers (train the trainers) and KPO “partnered and recognized by government institutions.

Access to industry ready professionals: Corporates can hire students from Laqsh’s retail training programme where we provide a three month certification course in software testing. For more details click

Floor Coaching/ Quality assistance: With our expertise with the industry adding up to 1000's of man hour's we share the best practices relevant to the particular job profile. Here too we keep our partners expectations at the epicentre and design the program around it.

Hire and train model: Hiring of entry level talent is a strategic decision and a compulsion for most organizations. LAQSH'S model of hire and train fulfills a vacuum in this area thus making it a one stop shop for our partners. Submit your enquiry and we will be in touch.

Shortlisting of freshers based on assessment and client specific needs.

Benefits for the Corporate:

  • Access to trained fresher’s a strategic advantage.
  • Just in Time availability of trained job ready talent pool throughout the year.
  • Reduced cost of Recruitment and Training since student will share the training cost.
  • Reduction in bench cost.
  • Training course flexible to address business needs.
  • Reliable and predictable supply chain of a wide range of skills including niche skills.
  • A proactive and predictable solution for ready to deliver hiring.
  • Augmentation of in house training capacity.
Monday, 19 November 2018 02:58

trainingFor jobs in the eight other occupations we studied, poor English was the main reason our interviewees gave for rejecting Chinese applicants. Only 3 percent of them can be considered for generalist service positions (those that don’t require a degree in any particular subject). Overall communication style and cultural fit


Monday, 19 November 2018 02:58

In campus recruitment, the companies are hiring not for 2013-14, but for 2015-16

Considering the uncertain market conditions ahead, industry is changing hiring patterns with increasing emphasis on just-in-time recruitment rather than the conventional campus hiring, says the National Association for Software and Service Companies (Nasscom). The pace of hiring in the industry in India would be slower in 2014, it said.

Monday, 19 November 2018 02:58

Employers and recruiters need to work together to uncover appropriately skilled workers in a shrinking workforce.Skill gaps are where existing employees lack the required qualifications, experience and/or specialised skills to meet the firm’s skill needs for an occupation. Skill gaps may apply to new employees, where employers are unable to find suitable applicants and recruit workers who need further training and/or experience to meet the firm’s skill needs for the occupation.

Monday, 19 November 2018 02:58

This report from Harvard on the skills required to succeed for senior executives asserts that soft skills are critical. Organizations need to make continues investments on their technical business and HR teams.

Monday, 19 November 2018 02:58


labourers picture

Those who claim that welfare schemes ought to prevent the migration of workers from rural areas are promoting dependency and idleness and destroying the work ethic.

Monday, 19 November 2018 02:58

All of us would agree that an organization’s greatest asset is its skilled human capital.